Costa Rica is a comparatively safe holiday destination. Costa Ricans are very open-minded, helpful and friendly people, making their guests feel at home right away. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of possible safety risks. Considering some general precautionary measures, you can travel Costa Rica without problems:

Expensive jewellery should be left at home, and – just like anywhere in the world – openly displayed valuables can be a target of theft. Please use the hotel safe in your room or at the reception. Do not leave any valuables on display in your rented car and only park the car in guarded, official parking areas rather than leaving it next to the road. Avoid walking at night in the cities.

Armed robberies have sporadically occurred. Even though it is very rare, this risk cannot be completely excluded. Should you become the victim of such an assault, make no resistance and keep calm. Documents and material loss can be replaced.

Costa Rica is located on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire and is thus exposed to natural risks like earthquakes and volcano eruptions. The country itself and the touristic infrastructure are well-prepared for such events. Due to the climate change there is also an increasing number of floods. Should any of this occur, please pay attention to the information provided by ARA Tours or the local population. Do not hesitate if evacuation is requested. This also applies in case of a tsunami alert.