Company Profile

ARA Tours Costa Rica is an innovative, multilingual incoming tour operator in Costa Rica and is intended exclusively for tour operators and travel agencies. Our strength is individual tourism and we focus on high quality.

A reliable, strong sales team with approximately 20 employees will assist you with a strong knowledge of the destination area. The Group Department Team will provide you with the perfect price / performance ratio for a single group or several groups. The homepage is designed for professionals, by professionals, and contains a lot of valuable destination information that can give you expert knowledge of Costa Rica.

Our product content (multilingual descriptions, photographs, videos, and prices) are accessible online through our platform “”, and can be used for a quotation. The product of ARA Tours Costa Rica is a market leader in the tourism industry. About 250 hotels, numerous tours, flexible travel components, excursions, car rentals, transfers and local flights enable the fulfillment of nearly all customer requirements. Our winning product is the FlexiVOUCHER program. We also specialize in the following niches: mountain biking, biking, hiking and trekking, golf, photography, botanic tours, and adventure tours.

Learn more about our product plattform Latinconnect, please click here.

Our guests travel in a sustainable manner. ARA Tours Costa Rica has received the CST (Certificate for Sustainable Tourism), Level 5 (the highest possible), from the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Therefore, an environmentally and socially responsible travel is completely guaranteed.

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Through our membership with the alliance of incoming agencies under Latinconnect, ARA Tours Costa Rica also covers the neighboring Central American countries. Our tours through several countries are very popular and are added by numerous travel agencies on their homepage. The central handling of customized single and group tours is a big advantage for operators and travel agencies.

Our range of services

  • Private tours
  • Group tours
  • Car rental – Round trips
  • FlexiVOUCHER – Car rental and open hotel vouchers that can be flexibly used in over 130 hotels
  • Hotels in all categories
  • Villas
  • Excursions
  • Transfers and domestic flights
  • Tour guide (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages by request)
  • Concierge service for VIPs
  • Mountain biking tours (separate mountain bike fleet and specially-equipped vehicles)
  • Motorcycling tours
  • Hiking and trekking tours
  • Golf tours (member in IAGTO)
  • Photography tours
  • Botanic tours
  • Adventure tours

What makes us stand out

  • Multilingual sales team
  • Expert country and product knowledge
  • Rapid response times
  • Diverse and niche products
  • Pick-up service for guests at the airport by multilingual tour guides
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Product platform (texts, images, videos and prices)
  • Online Trip Planner
  • Centralized, cross-country tour operating, thanks to our membership with the destination partner Latincoming
  • Quick and pleasant handling of any possible complaints
  • 24/7 accessibility with extended opening hours and emergency phone line
  • Liability insurance
  • Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST), Level 5

Our brands for selected segments and needs

Latinconnect Destination Management Group

It is an alliance of seven incoming agencies from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Quotations, reservations, and payment of transnational tours are centrally processed.

Selected Moments

Under this brand, we feature the very best of hotels and unique travel experiences. We also offer an exclusive and personal concierge service for the sophisticated clientele under Selected Moments travel programs. With Selected Moments, it is not necessarily about the star rating of a hotel, but the exclusive experience at a high standard.


Discover Costa Rica in a cost-effective and flexible manner. This is the concept behind the FlexiVOUCHER program. The open hotel vouchers can be redeemed at over 130 hotels throughout the country and guests can go around with a rental car whenever they wish through the country. The ideal price / performance ratio makes this product the best seller.


Daniel Küng, President:

Roland Ayer, General Manager:


Sandra Haun, Product & Sales Director: